ARS MODEL 2200 discontinued last stock [ARS MODEL 2200]


A prototype model of ARS MODEL 5000.
Sounds will be finely adjustablewith the 10 bandwidth of equalizer.Limited availability.

The MODEL-2200 10 Band Equalizer is designed toadjust to all genres of music, and various sound sources such as vinyl, CD and PC.
Source sounds remains lively, while 10 Band Equalizer allowing effective and precise equalization that is not possible with isolators and more precise than 5 band EQ.
Wide Q filter gives instantaneous adjustment.
ARS MODEL-2200 will become your essential item on the site.

* 10 bandwidth of frequencies are finely level-controlled. Boost and cut can be +12db ~ -12db.
* For the input sources, either RCA unbalanced jacks or XLR balanced jacks (2HOT) can be connected.
* For the output sources, both RCA unbalanced jacks and XLR balanced jacks can be connected simultaneously since both jacks has independent output circuits.
* No power switch avoiding accidentally turning power off while playing.
* Minimizing the power noise by designing the main circuit board and the power circuit board independently and setting them apart.

Frequency Response: +-1dB 20Hz-20Khz (With no EQ)
Input: RCA Unbalanced Impedance 20K Ohm/ XLR Balanced Impedance 40K Ohm
Output: RCA Unbalanced Impedance 600 Ohm/ XLR Balanced Impedance 50 Ohm
Maximum Output Level: +20 dB
Equalizer Control: 31.5Hz.63Hz.125Hz. 250Hz. 500Hz.1Khz. 2Khz. 4Khz.8Khz. 16Khz (10 bandwidth)
Adjustable Range: ±12dB
EQ In/Out Switch: Selector switch on the right side of the front panel.
Power Requirement: US-115V/EU-230V(Selectable)
Power Consumption: 10w
Dimensions: Front Panel 1U (W)482 x (H)44 x (D)195 mm
Front Panel Color: Black
Spec Seat: Manufacturer site
ARS MODEL 2200 discontinued last stock [ARS MODEL 2200]

Selling Price: 212,000JPY

Weight: 7kg

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